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Websites With Links to Online Learning Resources Posted by Provincial Governments Across Canada


Site officiel du gouvernement du Québec


Le «site, une école ouverte sur votre monde, sur votre milieu scolaire, sur votre communauté et sur un univers de possibilités! Vous y trouverez des milliers de ressources pour apprendre, créer, se divertir et bouger, un peu comme à l’école.»

Jean-François Roberge

Ministre de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur

Open School BC

A collection of resources to help support learning at home published by the government of British Columbia 


In addition to regularly updated daily resources, deeper exploration of this site provides links to a wealth of online learning options including a library of k-12  e-textbooks for various subjects.

Grade 9-12 Online Courses 

Created by Ontario Teachers / Updated Regularly


Ontario Ministry of Education’s secondary course preview site (Grades 9 to 12).

This site is designed to provide students and their parents/guardians with access to secondary courses to review, refresh and extend their learning. The courses provided here are not full online courses and are not being assessed for credit. They are offered to support independent learning without the normal facilitation of a teacher.

English Provincial Resources

Ontario Ministry of Education Links


From the early years through to postsecondary, children and students can get the skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential. Click here.

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