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Tutorials For Creating e-Learning Tools and Using Google Apps as an Online Platform

Christian Auclair, Lower Canada College

The shift to an online learning environment has been greatly facilitated by Google Classroom and their G-Suite tools. The workshops below explore a variety of tools and the manner in which they allow teachers to readily transition to an online environment with enriched lessons and in turn, allow students to express their knowledge in meaningful ways. The workshops also look at how additional apps can be used in tandem with G-Suite tools to further enhance the online learning experience for both teachers and students. 


Sharing an Online Whiteboard With an iPad or Laptop Using Jamboard...& Record Your Session!

This video looks at how to share an online whiteboard with Jamboard to interact or explain solutions while recording the lesson for future review with Air Server (on laptops) or Google Meet on iOS. By using AirServer, individuals can also use their iPads as whiteboards while streaming through to their feed to their laptops which in turn, can be running a Google Meet / Hangout.

Screen Capturing, Video Recording & Editing

This “how to” video looks at tools that are useful in the creation of video-based lessons. Three tools will be explored, starting with basic screen capturing using Quicktime, as well as more advanced tools such as screencast-o-matic and Screenflow that integrate video editors and allow for noticeable call out effects, such as text or screen zooms. Additional techniques will look at how to import video or images from an tablet or phone into the final edit.


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Google Classroom & Differentiated Learning

Creating & Delivering Powerful

e-Learning Tools Using Google Classroom, Slides & G-Suite Tools


This lesson looks at how to effectively use Google Classroom & Google Slides to create powerful online learning tools for students and how to manage the delivery of online lessons through a structured approach with Classroom. This video starts at a simple beginner level and within 20 minutes, will explore a range of tips and techniques that will enable you develop media-rich, interactive lessons that appeal to differentiated learning principles.


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Student Publishing

Release June 24

This series of videos flips the learning paradigm, exploring projects that have students producing interactive learning materials that are subsequently stitched together with those of their peers, resulting in a comprehensive e-learning unit where students learn from their peers.

Students in Class

April 26 Release

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