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Interactive e-texts With Automated Quizzes


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AP Psych e-text rubric

IB Film e-text rubric

Call For Student Writers to Publish

If you are a university or senior high school student, enjoy researching and writing, we invite you to explore some of the books in progress and write a chapter to include in the publication. Currently, the AP Psychology book has a number of unassigned chapters and the Film text is open to numerous topics on film theory and analysis.

Call For Collaborative Teachers

If you are a teacher looking for opportunities to have your students collaborate on the publication of e-texts (see above), we welcome you to contact Christian Auclair at .Over the course of the next year, we will be adding a range of new e-texts covering various subject areas. Using Google's publishing tools, students will have a platform to collaborate, write and formally publish their work. Teachers may also volunteer as faculty editors, proofing students' work on a given e-text.

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