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Below a wide range of excellent video tutorials and e-textbooks on topics ranging from coding in robotics to programming 'apps' with Swift

Swift playgrounds (primarily for k-6) AND, x-code (for app programming with seniors grades 9-12) are but a few tools that come e-textbooks and video tutorials, all of which! See for download links. 

Mars Explorer: Navigation Code For iOS Mindstorms

This overview is introduces students to all of the fundamental concepts for coding a Mars rover to navigate autonomously 

EV3 Bluetooth Tutorial

How to connect your EV3 via Bluetooth in Labview

Robotics Projects Highlight Videos

This video reviews the various stages of automated hydroponics and vertical gardens built and programmed by students at Lower Canada College. This project was subsequently featured at ISTE2017. The link to the slideshow presentation is available at the top of this page.


This video reviews a robotics assembly line type game that students mounted on a hallway wall and programmed. The objective was to move a block using robotics arms and other mechanisms through a series of obstacles.

Labview Fundamentals Overview

Learn all of the fundamentals of coding with Labview with EV3s in this 10 minute tutorial. 


This second video looks at how to programming real time visual detection VI W/ Labview


This third video looks at how to program a sumi wrestling robot in Labview to navigate autonomously


This 10 minute tutorial provides an overview of coding and creating virtual instruments to operate your EV3 remotely using Bluetooth.

Mindstorms Fundamentals

This video provides a broad overview of coding with Mindstorms. While the video focused on NXTs, the coding is the same for EV3s.

Advanced Labview for FRC

These 2 sessions were recordings of 2 extensive sessions with a Labview expert who was demonstrating advanced concepts for FRC competitions. 

Session 1

Session 2

K-12 Robotics

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